Best places to work this summer

Camp Tecumseh camp fire with counselors and campers.

Camp Tecumseh camp fire with counselors and campers.

Ella Hudson, Staff writer

Although summer still seems far away right now, it is the perfect time to start applying for summer  jobs. This way you know that you will for sure have a job for the summer and you get the spot before anybody else. Although the pay and hours may vary, for kids looking to make some money, summer jobs fit the bill. To save you from having to research local summer jobs on your own, a few are listed below with the following information: job description, pay, hours, and how hard the job is estimated to be. 


Camp Tecumseh YMCA- Although they are looking for jobs in a couple of areas, most of them have different age requirements. You can go to their website, click on the ‘Work at Tecumseh’ tab and you will find a job description for all of the available jobs. If you are 15 and older you can apply to be a kitchen, housekeeping, and maintenance worker. If you are 17 and older you can apply to be a day or night camp counselor, but you have to be vaccinated. For any of these jobs, besides counselors, you can make your own hours and the jobs are typically easy. Pay varies depending on which one you apply for, but the kitchen staff starts at 10 dollars an hour. 


Chick-Fil-A- There really isn’t a Chick-Fil-A close to here as the nearest is 20 or so minutes away, but the people are usually really nice and friendly. Student pay for the jobs pay on average 11 dollars an hour, but can range from 8-17 dollars depending on job type. You can either be in kitchens, cleaning crew, waiter, or cashier. Your hours and how hard the job will be depend on the job type and what kind of manager you have. 


Babysitting- This may not be most people’s go-to, but babysitters usually make a lot of money. Now this job is definitely for teens who like kids because they are going to be spending a lot of time with them. Usually you would play with them, do crafts with them, and make them food, but the difficulty of the job definitely depends on how many and how old the kids are. Underclassmen can usually charge $10-12 per hour, but upperclassmen can charge $15-18 per hour as they are older and can manage more kids. Depending on what your credentials are, some kids who are CPR certified and child protection trained can charge up to $20-25 per hour for their services.


Tutor- This job would definitely depend on how good you are in different school subjects. If you are really good in school, you could get paid up to $20/hour for your services. The job would depend on how hard it would be to teach the student or students the subjects that they don’t understand. 


Lifeguarding- You have to be lifeguard certified for this one, but it pays well. You can do this job at camps, pools, and Indiana Beach. On average lifeguards get paid about $14 per hour in Indiana and the job usually isn’t difficult and you get to yell at running kids. You would probably work midday hours if you worked outdoors, but if you are inside, then hours may vary.


If you plan on having a summer job this year, think over these options before you apply to other lower paying jobs. From watching little kids to potentially saving lives, these are some cool summer jobs that not only pay well, but also teach you life skills that you will use for the rest of your life.