A guide to Staycation


Taking a staycation, staying home and doing fun activities rather than going on a trip, seems to be a popular choice this Spring Break. Instead of going to Florida or some other warm place this year, most kids have decided to stay home and brace themselves for cold weather. Whether this be by choice or due to a vital need for a refresh, a staycation is always a good option when you just want a break and don’t want to leave your house. If this sounds like the thing for you, well then you are in luck. Here are some great things to do while staying home this year.


Take this time to read some books- From fantasy to self-betterment books, books are a great way to learn new things and get a break from phones. Though they sometimes aren’t for everyone, when you have a week to yourself, sometimes you get so bored that you would be willing to try anything. 


Family game night- Although a movie night is usually a normal family go-to, this Spring Break try something new and get the family together for a game night. Whether you have fun or decide never to do it again, I believe that the quality time with your family will have been worth the crazy that may have followed. 


Scrapbooking- This isn’t most people’s go-to, but it is a great way to stay “unplugged” this break. It is also a great way to reflect on fun times with friends and family while staying creative at the same time. 


Bake- Try to make something entirely new and out of your comfort zone. For people who don’t usually cook, this could just be trying to make pancakes in the morning, and for more seasoned pros, maybe scones or cinnamon rolls. Make whatever you want to eat while still doing something that is different. 


Go outside- I know this one sounds strange, but if you are going to be staying home, you are going to need to remember to stay active. It is recommended that teenagers exercise at least 60 minutes each day, so you might as well get some vitamin D while you are at it too. This could be done by taking walks, gardening, playing sports, or just by washing your car (or your parent’s car if you want to be nice). 


Have friends over- If your friends aren’t going on a vacation of their own and are also having a ‘staycation’, then this is a great time to hang out with them. You could binge watch your favorite television show or movie, go bowling or mini golfing, or just enjoy extra time talking to them. Never underestimate the positive energy that comes from hanging out with friends when you are bored. 


Explore Delphi- Even though most of us are locals here, most of us have yet to discover some of the treasures of Delphi. From new little shops that have opened to old classics like the parks and trails, there is almost always something to do. 


Learn a new skill/hobby- Having a hobby is a great way to stimulate different parts of your brain. Sometimes hobbies can also teach you life skills like patience, creativity, and problem solving. Those are all great qualities to have from doing something that you could learn to love. 


Volunteer- This won’t be your first thought when it comes to relaxing, but there is something to say about helping others, being a part of something greater than yourself and helping toward a common good. Volunteer hours also look really good on resumes and it is always nice to see the good that can come out of giving a couple hours of your time. 


Spend a day without your phone- I know that this seems a bit unorthodox, but I just gave you a bunch of good ideas to do that don’t really involve technology. Try to challenge yourself and your brain by doing something different than looking at a screen all day. Trust me, your brain will thank you later. 


Whether you are traveling far away this Spring Break, or just staying right at home, I hope that you have been inspired to try something new this break, whether it is just getting off of the couch or taking a walk around the community. Either way, have a fun, happy, and active Spring Break.