Student shout out: What’s your favorite mac and cheese?


Elyse Perry , editor

Macaroni and cheese is one of the most basic staples in every American household. It is one of those foods that we have all grown up with and hold close to our hearts. However, the way we make it can lead to debate. Is it best on the stove, in the oven, homemade, or otherwise? Here are the opinions of a few DCHS students on the best way to eat macaroni and cheese.


McKenna Eckhart, sophomore, stated, “My favorite is baked macaroni and cheese because it is yummy.” 


According to senior Abigail Schoen, “The best type of mac and cheese is the one I make. Homemade is probably the best, but Kraft or Velveeta shells are good too. Velveeta shells are probably the best boxed mac and cheese.” 


Sophomore Tylene Mckinzie said, “The best kind is my dad’s homemade mac and cheese. He cooks it on the stove using velveeta and shredded cheese.” 


Elijah Brown, senior, said, “I don’t eat mac and cheese because I don’t like mac and cheese. I am not opposed to noodles, but American cheese is a problem. It might be better with different cheese.”


Senior Rhonda Milburn thinks the stove is the best way to cook mac and cheese. She said, “The best kind is maybe Velveeta shells because they’re the perfect texture: the thickness of the cheese mixed with the chewiness of the pasta.”


According to senior Emma Milburn, “Kraft mac and cheese is the best because it is creamy and good. The Velveeta is too thick, so I don’t like it.”


Aaron Woodard, sophomore, stated, “I’ve only ever eaten the generic brand you make in the microwave. I eat it, so it’s fine I guess. Mac and cheese is my “I don’t feel like making a sandwich, but I want something easy” food. The microwave ones are so easy, so they’re my favorite.”


Regardless of how we make it, mac and cheese is still enjoyed by most of us. Whether it is because of its simplicity or its familiarity, it is a food most of us turn to. Let us know what your favorite kind of mac and cheese is in the comments below!