Discontinued cereals that deserve redemption

Post Oreo Os are just one of many delicious cereals that are no longer available.

Post Oreo O’s are just one of many delicious cereals that are no longer available.

It’s always a sad day when you run to the grocery store, run to the cereal aisle, and see the aisle barren before you. The Cocoa Krispies that you have been craving all day aren’t there. So imagine the pain and suffering that some people have to go through when they find out that their favorite cereal has been discontinued. Whether they just weren’t good, or maybe they were a seasonal experiment, some of these cancelations were for the better, yet still they greatly mourned. Yummy Mummy, Choco Donuts, Pac-Man, Waffle-O’s, and C-3PO’s were all missed when they were officially discontinued. Some students here at DCHS have lived through this and have had to learn to move on from the disappointment of having a favorite cereal discontinued. 


Braydn Gleason and Aster Wilson both said that Mini Trix was their favorite cereal growing up, and they were sad to see it go. They both have had to settle with normal Trix cereal and hold on to hope that General Mills will once again continue making Mini Trix. 


Zoe Callender and Ava Charnley said that Boo Berries were their favorite seasonal cereal. It has never been discontinued, but it isn’t always easy to find as it is only sold around Halloween. 


Cheyenne Zahn’s favorite, Twinkie cereal, sounds a bit more like a dessert than a cereal.  It was discontinued in 2012 but made a comeback due to rising demand in 2013 and after a change in ownership, debuted again in 2019. 


Ella Baker said that her favorite cereal is French Toast Crunch. It is no longer sold in the U.S., but it is still sold in some countries like Canada. 

Some discontinued cereals such as Banana Frosted Flakes and Nickelodeon Green Slime probably deserved their fate, and some just didn’t reach the targeted profit margins. From remakes of classics, to the Halloween favorite Boo Berries, one thing is certain: cereal is truly as unique as the people who make itand eat it.