Middle School Literary Edition















Mother Earth

by Danica Hanson, grade 6


M- My home, my planet, my peace

O- Overlooking the nighttime sky, silver moonlight tears on my face 

T- The horrible things people have done to corrupt our planet

H- Have mercy Lord to the people who’ve sinned, for forgiveness is always necessary 

E- Easier to choose hate since it’s easier to show, although love wins that war

R- Reading the stars at night, thinking how lonely they must be


E- Easier to show war than peace, but peace always wins that war

A- As I stare from my window, tears dripping down my eyes, just thinking

R- Reading my own thoughts, wondering if I’ll be okay, I’ll be fine

T- Thinking, just silently thinking, face now buried in my hands

H- Hovering over my window, silent as the wind, silence is what I prefer as I cry myself to sleep