Nickelodeon nostalgia


Graphic by Grace O’Neil

Ava Charnley

With 2020 being a year full of unknowns and chaos, and adulthood creeping up on all of us, I thought it would be nice to look back on parts of my childhood that I remember fondly. Nickelodeon made up the biggest piece of my early childhood. Many memories are fueled by the background noises of Nick’s shows, such as iCarly, Victorious, and SpongeBob.

As a kid I remember waking up early Saturday mornings, plopping on the couch with my blanket and stuffed animal, and moving through the channels at lightning speed to find Nick before my parents finished breakfast or their morning cup of coffee. I can say, without a doubt, that iCarly is still the best Nick show, and SpongeBob—is the bomb! 

Reagan Watts and Sophie Johnson both have the same favorite shows that I did as a child and were just as immersed. Regan stated, “SpongeBob is probably the reason I am stupid. It was the only thing that kept me occupied.” Sophie Johnson had the same remote as Sam from iCarly and would watch and press the same buttons on the remote as Sam did on the show. If we would have met as children I would have been super jealous and I am sure most of the iCarly lovers would have too. 

Nickelodeon was known for more than just iCarly and SpongeBob. Eydie Brustle brought back more childhood memories with great enthusiasm as she stated, “Remember that slime game show and wanting to get slimed? Remember how Sam had a pet squirrel mustache? HAHAHA. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Avatar, Rugrats, Drake and JoshDANNY PHANTOM! You got Avatar on there? BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE GUPPIES….!” 

This enthusiasm was contagious as we shared early childhood favorites. Sophomore Carlos Alfaro then stated, “REMEMBER BACKYARDIGANS! I LOVED Backyardigans.” These conversations continued till the end of the lunch period with smiles and laughs all around—and maybe some singing of theme songs.  

Many of the shows mentioned before are no longer on air, and Nickelodeon has seemed to have lost its touch in Ella Hudson’s and my opinion. “I turned Nick on recently and now all their shows are watered down. It wasn’t even good anymore.” While the style and types of shows aired on Nick might have changed, the child in all of us will forever remember those early morning, evenings, and afternoons spent watching Nick.