What to do on the beach this Spring Break

As the calendar turns to March, we close the door on a mild winter and are finally able to look ahead to the most cherished part of the second semester: Spring Break. From March 20 to March 30, Delphi students will be relinquished from their academic duties as they take a much-deserved break before the fourth nine weeks. For many, this will be a time to head south and soak up some rays on the beach. In order to make the best out of this time, check out these tips on what to do on the beach.



  • Do NOT bring sunscreen. We have 180 days of school, starting on Aug. 9 and ending on May 21. During that nine and a half month period, the vast majority of our time is spent inside. Given that and the fact that we live in Northern Indiana, it is safe to say that many of us lack a substantial amount of sunlight. So, when you’re laying there on the beach, leave the sunscreen in the bag; if you don’t come back burnt, then you shouldn’t come back at all.
  • DO spend all of your cash on a parasailing ride. Parasailing is tranquil and scenic, and its price is adjusted accordingly. While you’re walking along the beach, there’s a good chance that a con artist will have their stand set up, charging hundreds of dollars for a twenty minute ride in the sky. My advice? Go for it! Money is just a collection of green paper, so take advantage of that FANTASTIC deal and get up there!
  • DO deconstruct sand castles. Beaches are great places for families, particularly those with young children. While the water can be particularly dangerous for these youngsters, the beach is a great place for these children to play around and make sandcastles. With all of these kids, though, there becomes an overabundance of sandcastles and a scarcity of sand. The solution to this? Knock down these sandcastles, particularly the ones with motes. Not only will this restore the sand to water ratio, but it will give the kids. a taste of failure, which builds character. Basically, do it for the children.



Spring Break is a great time to relax and enjoy yourself. Whether you’re driving down to Florida, flying to California, or just staying home, be sure to enjoy your break and be ready to dive straight back into it for the final leg of the school year. Note: this is meant for comedic purposes. Parnassus is not responsible for any third degree burns, debts, or tears from destroyed sandcastles.