6th grade reviews of A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Critique

by DJ Davis

The whole sixth grade went to the Indiana Repertory Theatre and saw A Christmas Carol. One of my favorite parts was when the ghost of  Christmas future came out because he set a dark and eerie mood, especially since he didn’t talk. To me Scrooge made the production unique because he had to be such a greedy and selfish man and he didn’t laugh at all which in my opinion would have been tough. The actors were at their finest. I have never seen something so entertaining yet so serious. I think this play is worth seeing. It’s the best play I’ve ever seen.


A Christmas Carol

by Logan Smith

I went to see A Christmas Carol  and loved it.  It was an overall great play that I would rate a 9/10.  My favorite scene was the one where Jacob Marley came up from the trapdoor.  I liked this because it got Scrooge thinking that he needed to become a better person or he would end up with a long chain just like Marley.  My favorite prop would either be the picture frame or the trapdoors. The cast used the frame for doors and roofs and the trapdoors made an awesome effect for eerie parts.  The best character’s performance was probably Scrooge. To go from grumpy to happy is pretty hard, and I think that I would fail at that part. I would recommend this play to anyone that needs a laugh or simply just needs to get into the Christmas spirit.