6th grade Halloween writing contest winning stories


The Creaking Cat

by Annika Stevens, first place

 It all started when Kacey was home alone on Halloween night. It was her parents 7 year anniversary and they were going out to dinner.

      “Honey make sure you keep the doors locked and stay inside,”her mom said while in a hurry 

    “ We should be back by 12 o’clock,” her dad said as they shut the door.

       “ Oh, what should I do,” Kacey mumbled to herself as she was chowing down on some popcorn

     She was only half way through her movie when she a creaking noise. She thought it was just the wind, so she resumed watching her movie.

      It was 10 minutes later she heard the exact same noise. She quickly calls her best friend over. They immediately start looking for it. They find the cat and don’t know what was going on. They kept the cat and played with it. Later that night the parents came home to the kids missing and there was the cat. Both of the littles girls went missing. To this day neither of the parents are able to find the kids. Some say you can still hear creaking in the house……


 Crazy Halloween Night

by Kiara Roberts, second place

On a dark and eerie night a group made up of three girls and three boys went out to trick or treat. The girls’ names were Anne, Cynthia, and Laura. The boys’ names were Sam, Lucas, and Adam. They stopped at lots of houses. The boys wanted to go to the haunted house on the hill, but the girls were extremely scared to go.  The girls didn’t want to chicken out in front of the boys so they stayed as calm as possible.

 Sam said, “Is everybody ready to go up to the house?”

  Everybody else replied with an excited yes, well the girls tried to. When they got to the house Lucas knocked on the door three times. You could hear the echo through the whole house. Five minutes later and no one answered the door.  

Adam said, “I am so tired of waiting lets just see if the door is unlocked.” Lucas tried to open the door. The door opened with a Creek which echoed through the house. Sam told everybody to get a partner. 

 Everybody went in different directions  Cynthia went with Lucas and they went up to the third floor. On the third floor, they found no power. It was very cold up there as well. Cynthia went into a room and she saw a skeleton head. She screamed very loud. 

Lucas ran to see what was wrong and then they heard someone talking, but it wasn’t one of their friends it was someone different. 

The person said, “  Hello Lucas and Cynthia. I see you have found the skeletons.” 

Cynthia then replies terrified, “ Wait there are more skeletons?   Please tell there are no more skeletons in here.”

 The unknown voice then replies, “ Oh my dear you haven’t even seen half of them.”  

Then all of a sudden the lights flicker on and off until they’re on. Then appears the strange voice, but this time they see the person speaking. The mysterious voice came from a small yet plump woman. Cynthia was about four inches taller than her. 

The woman says, “ My name is Agitha. My sisters live here with me. I am cooking a concoction for you two to drink. If you don’t there will be consequences. Got that?”

  Cynthia and Lucas both replied with a calm yes.

Lucas then says, “Why are you making us do this?”

Agitha replied sarcastically, “ Why do you think. You trespassed. Now my sisters and I will make you pay.”   

Cynthia shivers. Lucas tries his best to keep her warm.

Laura and Adam are on the second floor looking around. Adam goes into a room that appears to be a bedroom.  He looks at the bed and sees a man lying there with a bullet in his head. Adam calls Laura over and she starts crying. All of a sudden a lady extremely thin and tall appears.  

“Hello. I am Susan. Why have you decided to trespass? Now you might end up like this man. You must do exactly as I say and you might not end up like him.” said Susan the random lady.

“Ok boss lady,” Laura and Adam replied.

On the first floor, Anne and Sam were looking for candy. They can’t find anything so they start looking for random items. They go into the kitchen, turn the light on and an average size woman who was a little on the plump side appeared out of nowhere. 

“I’m Emery.  Who are you and why are you here. Do you want to get hurt?  I have two sisters. They are awful to humans. Please leave. Hurry I am giving this chance.”  said Emery the kind woman who appeared out of nowhere.

Anne then says, “ We can’t leave. Our friends are here, and it would be cruel if we left them here to suffer the wrath of your sisters.” 

“The choice was yours.  I must turn you into one of my sisters. I really don’t want to do this, but I must,” Emery said.

Back to the third floor with Cynthia and  Lucas, Cynthia is scared for her life. Lucas is trying to find a way to escape the wrath of Agitha. All of a sudden the lights start to flicker, and then they shut off completely.

Back to the second floor Anne and Sam were being taken to Emery’s sister Susan.  Then all of a sudden Emery vanishes and the lights turn off. Then the lights turn back on a new woman with the same built as Emery appeared. 

“Oh my goodness. Hahaha, I got you so good. My actual name is Katy.  We wanted to prank some kids and this was the best idea we thought of. Lets go get your friends,” Katy said.

On the second floor, Laura and Adam are freaking out. Then all of a sudden the lights turn off and then they turn back on and a new woman who looks almost exactly like Susan. 

“ Hahaha.  I got you so good.  My sisters and I love pranking people, so we thought pranking people here would be the best way to prank someone. My actual name is Lucy. I didn’t mean to scare you,” Lilly said.

Back to the third floor the lights are back on, and  Agitha is no longer anywhere to be seen. All of a sudden a lady just like Agitha appeared. 

“Oh hello.  My name is Leah.  I was Agitha. My sisters and I just wanted to pull a prank.  We didn’t mean to scare you, we were just trying to have some fun,” Leah stated. 

A few hours later everyone is out of the house and getting along well.  The friends were glad this was a prank and had a laugh after they were told it was a prank.  The friends left and had a delightful rest of the night.

Quit Scaring Around

by Allie Lawless, third place

I knew I wasn’t normal when I was born. I had wings like bats and my eyes were a fiery red, but other than that I had no emotions. No love, no fear and especially no friends that could hurt me. But all that changed when I went to middle school. I didn’t care. I went through the day without anyone bothering me.The next week though was different. We were going to go to Camp T. and I didn’t care. When we got there, I got to pick the top bunk. The next thing I knew we were doing activities and a girl came up and asked me if she could be my friend.  I told her fine and on the inside I felt something like something I never felt before, but I didn’t like it. It felt like I was getting stabbed with 100 knives that’s how much it hurt. When we got back to our cabin, we started to tell scary stories and when it came to my turn I pulled out a book and read the title out loud. I warned them that I have never read out loud before but they didn’t care. So I started to read to them. The next thing we knew, we were transported to a cemetery and everybody was dead silent. Then, a horrifying scream and giggle came out of nowhere and that’s when we saw them.  The most ugly monsters I have ever seen and they came after us. We were all running but then I started flying until I got knocked out of the sky by an invisible force. When I turned around, I saw no one was following me. No one was there. The monsters then started to come after me and in one single second I felt that same pain in my chest again. I knew what it was now, though I didn’t want to admit it. I knew I was feeling fear.