Possibility of Podcast


What are podcasts? Podcasts are basically an on demand radio talk show. Podcasts typically consist of two people discussing a variety of topics or a single person talking about their thoughts. While that might not sound interesting, podcasts cover just about every topic you can think about.

Podcasts are not only for nerding out on topics you love, but it is also a way to better yourself as a person. According to research, podcasts can increase your intelligence by improving your listening skills, focus, and imagination. Podcasts are most popular with people who have little free time. They are the most efficient way to destress and stay informed about current events.

If you are anything like me, I need background noise, so I often turn on my favorite sitcom while doing homework or daily tasks. Television is not as portable as a podcast because you can listen to podcasts anywhere. You can download tv shows, but it takes a lot of storage. Podcasts take little storage and are just as entertaining.

Next year I will be starting a podcast version of Kate’s Korner. In the podcast I will be interviewing people around the community to get their take on hot topics. I will continue to give my perspective on issues brought up by our peers. If you have an questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact me at [email protected].