How to fail a class in 10 ways


Jessica Powlen, staff writer

You may think failing a class is a very simple, easy thing to do, something that takes absolutely no effort.  However, few realize that it is actually very difficult to fail a class. Here are a few tips that can help you achieve this daunting feat.


  1. Take classes you have no interest in.

The first way to fail a class is by taking classes you feel would be boring to you.  When you take classes that you wouldn’t enjoy, this allows you to zone out when the teacher is giving a lecture, not understand the assignments and tests, and eventually fail the class.


  1. Never review the syllabus.

There is usually a curriculum which the teacher has prepared for you.  This can be very dangerous. The information may stick in your head, and when it comes to test taking, you may risk getting an A, and pass the class.  It is so easy to fall into the persuasion of the teacher constantly reminding you to review your notes.


  1. Don’t turn in your homework.

The obvious way to fail a class would be to simply not do your homework, but if you were to accidentally do it, don’t turn it in.  If you constantly repeat this process, your grade will fall quickly, and eventually will fail the class.


  1. Procrastinate on projects.

If your teacher is the kind to make you do a lot of projects, these projects will most likely hold many points for the class and the longer you procrastinate, the sloppier they will look, therefore the lower your grade will be for the project and the class.


  1. Don’t follow class rules.

Every teacher usually mentions all of their class rules on the first day of school.  Listening and learning all of these is vital, so you can do the exact opposite. Most rules include bringing the correct supplies needed for the class.  If you don’t bring what is needed, you won’t have what you need for homework, tests, projects, assignments, etc. This will leave a bad impression of you on your teacher and your grade which will cause your grade in the class to decrease.


  1. Walk in late.

The easiest way to fail a class is being tardy to your class everyday.  You won’t have to worry about the speed walk you usually do, and you won’t make it to class on time to work on what the teacher has already assigned the rest of the class to work on.  Therefore, the assignment will be turned in late, and you may receive a lower grade.


  1. Write in white.

Not doing your homework or assignments would be the obvious way to fail, but if you were to accidentally do it, then make sure to answer all off the questions in white colored pencil so it will be incomprehensible or illegible to the teacher.


  1. Answer B on every question on tests.

To get your tests done and over with, answering the letter “B” for every question is the easiest way to do this.  Or, if there are “True or False” questions, answer true, that way you won’t have to give the correct replacement for the false statement.


  1. Put white-out over questions you don’t understand.

Putting white-out over the questions you have no clue to what the answer is will help you not worry about answering them.  Surely, if the teacher doesn’t see the question, they wouldn’t know it was there to begin with, right?


  1. Blare Gregorian chant music in your earbuds.

The final and most significant way to fail a class is to blare Gregorian chant music in your earbuds during every test.  To you, this may be very calming and relaxing. However, to the teacher and students around you, they may not be too pleased.


It can be very difficult to pass a class.  However, it is much more challenging to fail. But, as long as you follow these 10 simple directions, you are destined for this accomplishment.