#Speech reference


How many inside jokes can you think of? Did they come from a tv show? Did they erupt from a spontaneous conversation? Did they appear on social media? How did you relate to this exclusive joke? My life has become one large inside joke, and yours can too if you are willing to take yourself a little less seriously.


If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting me, you could have had a million different impressions of me. To my fellow students, I am the nerd that loves musicals, braids, and shoes. To my esteemed teachers, I am the student who completes her work on time, has a solution to a problem, and is professional in her work. To my beloved parents, I am their quirky child that sings around the house and paints murals on their walls. But to my incredible friends, I am all that and so much more.


My friends and I call ourselves Jensgridetty, comprised of Jensen, Ingrid, and Betty. You may have heard of Geneva, Millicent and Opal, which are other aliases of ours. I, Emily, can be called Geneva, Jensen, or E. Kristina Powlen is known as Millicent, Ingrid, and Kris. Sarah Rohrer’s names are Opal, Betty, or Pooh Bear. Anyway you want to get our attention, we will be there. What are the origins of the crazy names? Why do we chose to live with such weird titles? Great questions.


We are each members of the drama department and love to act. Naturally this results in many alter-egos and scenarios being conjured over the years of our friendship. Fellow senior Sarah commented, “It connects us on a deeper level.” When I asked her whether she expected to be friends with such goofballs, she told me, “Honestly I’m not sure, but all I know is that it takes one to know one.” I admit that it is hard to keep track of them all, which is why we have created a running list of all our references from approximately the past two years.


  1. #speech reference
  2. Slubberdegullion
  3. Corn dogs and ranch
  4. Sarah’s secret stash
  5. Op language
  6. “I’m a snaaaaaake”
  7. Blessed by the hands of God
  9. That’s unfortunate
  10. A-MEN
  11. Yo no sé
  12. Phantom of the Opera face touch
  13. How cute? So cute!
  14. Bropush bropush opahhhh
  15. Aloha-sí señor
  16. Pretty mad
  17. Tet offensive
  18. Ring ding ding di-ding di-ding ding ding MURR
  19. Torpedo
  20. Grab the bag
  21. Yassssssssssssssss
  22. Can I get an UH UH
  23. Vewy handsome
  24. Sweet sweet tight
  25. Narwhale
  26. Rip
  27. Velleity
  28. Ferver
  29. Gladys moment
  30. Kropistopinopa’s boputt
  31. That’s awkward
  32. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
  33. I don’t have friends
  34. Nailed it
  35. Knoooooowledge
  36. Potato potato potato potato
  37. Ope there it goes


If you are curious about the origins of these inside jokes, you are welcome to ask us and feel free to tell us yours as well. We may be laughing too hard to tell you, but we will try our best. From our experience, the funniest moments happen when you are most willing to have fun. If you live a lifestyle of joy, the jokes and references will flood your life and drown you in laughter.