How to destress this finals week

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How to destress this finals week

Joe Perry, Sports writer

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In case you didn’t know, finals week is upon us. In fact, you’re probably getting instructions for a project or a three-page study guide right now. It’s not fun, but skipping school isn’t an option, at least not one that Parnassus can endorse. So, while your stress levels rise and your need for a tutor does too, just chill out and try these tips the school administration allows for how to destress this finals week.


Chill out in the library

Although it sounds cliche, the LMC is a great place to be. It’s a great place to hang out with friends, as the cappuccino machine and puzzles provide a nice getaway from the impending deadlines and projects that, in all honesty, are probably going to sink your grade. If you’re feeling up to braving the storm of tests coming up, then it’s also a great place to cram with friends. However, for those of you seeking seclusion during the countdown to Christmas, the wide array of books is sure to distract you from watching your grades sink like a mastless ship.


Go Christmas shopping

After you check Google Classroom and see that you have three essays, two study guides, and a project all due next hour, you are free to do what the rest of us do: take your mind off of the work and look for good deals on Amazon. After all, the number of days left until Christmas can be counted on your fingers (eek!). So, as those deadlines countdown, make sure that your shipping will come in before Dec. 25. It would be a shame if it arrived a day late.


Actually study

If you’re going to take this week seriously, as we all should, then studying is a great way to relieve stress. It releases endorphins in the brain, which does some sciency stuff that makes you feel better. Not only that, but you may just retain some information that will help you nail #34 on that math test. As for how to study, it is recommended that you do it frequently, with friends, and with the intent of using the information. If you’re the type that tends to cram, I wish you and that short term memory of yours good luck.


Take a “personal care” session

By “personal care,” don’t interpret this as yoga. That’s too generic and cliche. By “personal care,” I’m implying the old-fashioned, not-scientifically-proven methods of screaming, eating, and sleeping. Will it help you remember who fought in the War of 1812? Probably not. Will it improve your ability to plan or schedule ANYTHING over break? Results may vary. However, I can guarantee that it will push the thought of finals out of your mind. After all, you can’t focus on finals if you’re taking your third “power nap” in four hours.


Don’t get me wrong; you need to study. Like it or not, about 20% of your grade will be determined based on your performance on a single test this week, so it’s important that you know the material. However, if you’re looking for a way to pass the time this week, these are some very viable options.