2018-2019 Delphi Poms Dance Team members

Kristina Powlen, Staff writer

Tryouts for the 2018-2019 Delphi Poms Dance Team was hosted April 3 and April 4 and Coach Kaila Brooks is proud to announce there will be nine members on the 2018-2019 team this coming school year: Members include freshmen Madison Prickett, Kori O’Daniel, Sydney Ross, and Elyse Perry; sophomores Jessica Powlen, Maren Kochert and Cynthia Rossi;  junior Angel Prince; and senior Madisyn Jacobs. Coach Kaila Brooks, 2006 Delphi alumnus said, “Coming off of a very successful season, I’m eager to be back on the dance floor and see what our new team can accomplish next year. The DCHS Poms Dance Team is going to compete again in IHSDTA competitions but not only will they be competing in Pom but in Hip Hop as well.”