Words of wisdom from a girl who’s been there, done that

Hannah Ladd, Messenger staff writer

As school is coming to an end, 8th graders go off to high school, 7th graders are now 8th graders, and 6th graders are now 7th graders. But the most frightening one of them all… 5th graders becoming 6th graders!

Coming into Middle School was pretty hard. There were lockers, you had to get to class on time… and make sure you have your stuff. Here are some helpful tips to making sure you survive 6th grade.

  1. Hall Passes: When you have your Hall pass, try to only use it for when you need to get supplies. Like if you need your notebook for math, use a hall pass.
  2. DON’T USE YOUR HALL PASSES ON THE BATHROOM!: When nature calls, nature calls, but try to use the restroom BEFORE class. You have a five minute period in-between, so quickly get your stuff into your class, and go to the bathroom.
  3. Homework: When you get homework, you might not want to do it. (Been there, done that!) But, do you realize how stressful it would be to your teacher if you didn’t do your homework? Do it beforehand, and if you don’t… you might want to say hello to a lunch detention.
  4. HA Language Arts: Mrs. Thompson is a sweet, nice teacher to have. But for High Ability, (otherwise known as HA) you have genre goal critiques. If you don’t know what genre goal critiques are, they are essays that you have to do for LA. (language arts) You have just about the whole school year to get them done. You’ll want to make sure you pace yourself over the year.
  5. Lunch: Ahhh, lunch, about everyone’s favorite period….which means food. But 10-15 min. before lunch is done… you’re offered Extras. What are extras you ask?? Junk Food. You are thinking about getting a cookie, but, think fast! Those “Extras” seem sweet and innocent, but they cost extra money. So think before you buy that extra.

In the end, these are just some simple tips to survive sixth grade. Remember, It is always a great day to be an Oracle!