Pet Profile: Yogi Tonsoni

This beautiful cat is named Yogi. Yogi has had the privilege of living with Mr. and Mrs. Tonsoni for his whole life, so a grand total of four years. There is actually a sweet story to how Yogi became a member of the Tonsoni household. Mrs. Tonsoni explains the story saying, “I was so excited to get Yogi four years ago. We had a cat before him that had passed away and at that time we decided that we would not get another pet. (Ok, it was mostly Mr. T that didn’t want another pet.) So I was resolved to never having another cat. My oldest son and his wife talked Mr. T into it and it was the biggest and best surprise ever! I LOVE THAT CAT!” Mrs. Tonsoni’s favorite thing about him is how much joy he brings her. It is safe to say that Mrs. Tonsoni brings Yogi just as much joy, since she is his favorite person in the house. Mrs. T’s favorite thing Yogi does is when he lays by her and purrs. She says it is very calming and relaxing. This is one of Yogi’s favorite things to do as well. Like most cats, his other favorite activities include eating and sleeping. Be sure to ask both Mr. and Mrs. Tonsoni for more Yogi stories!

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