Pet Profile: Thunder Spitznogle

This little Maltese Shih tzu mix is Abigail Spitznogle’s pet, Thunder! The Spitznogles have had Thunder ever since he was born ten years ago. Abigail’s favorite thing about Thunder is how sweet and cuddly he is. He also has a sense of humor, making little growls and sounds. Abigail says that Thunder always does his little growls at the perfect time to make it appear like he is talking to the family. When asked what her favorite memory of Thunder is, Abigail replied, “My favorite memory of my pet is when I went to pick him up from my grandparent’s house after a vacation and he was so excited to see me. He was barking and wagging his tail, telling me it was time to go home.” Thunder’s favorite things are sleeping and playing with his toys. He also loves people more than other animals and Abigail sometimes thinks that she could be his favorite person. Another fun little fact about Thunder is that he loves car rides.


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