Felix Ever After

Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender is another Rosie nominee. The novel follows the main character, Felix Love, who has never been in love but desperately wants to be. Even though Felix is proud of his identity, Felix is struggling with others accepting him as he is, both at home and on social media. He fears he is too black, queer, and transgender to get his own happy ending like those around him. After a student posts images of his deadname with old photos before he transitioned, Felix comes up with a plan for revenge: catfishing. But what he didn’t count on was finding himself in a love triangle. Overall, I did enjoy this book. Some of the cliches had me ready to throw the book, but I enjoyed it. I respect the diversity of characters, even if I didn’t always like the choices they made. (4.32/5 stars on Goodreads)

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