Sarah Howard: Senior Spotlight

This week’s senior spotlight features Sarah Howard and her tennis journey. Sarah started playing tennis for the school as early as she could. She started in 6th grade after seeing her parents play frequently. After seeing this she wanted to learn how to play so she could play with them. Sarah’s favorite thing about tennis is how competitive it is, and Sarah loves the fact that she can play the sport for the rest of her life. Sarah started her career playing doubles freshman year, after moving to singles the next year she never wanted to go back. “I like being able to have more control over the game, and singles usually involves more movement as well which makes it more fun; plus, if I mess up, I don’t mess up for my partner too.” Tennis is one of the few sports where you can play solo but to win the match, it’s a whole team effort. “It’s an individual sport because it takes your skill and mental game to win your match, but to win the meet it takes a strong team,” Sarah said.After seeing that, one could assume that there isn’t much team chemistry but the girls certainly don’t fall short there either. Sarah told me about how all the girls have a super good bond and there are never any team disputes. It is great to see a senior talk so highly of her other teammates. This season is Sarah’s last, and she has set goals for her senior year: keeping her position on the team and winning over half of my matches. Her mental game wasn’t at its best until the end of last year so she’s hoping to improve that aspect of her game and better her record by a lot. After high school and the end of Sarah’s tennis career, she would like to attend Belmont University and major in chemistry with hopes of becoming a pharmacist. Sarah has huge goals for this year’s tennis season and she has even bigger goals for her life outside of sports.

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