Senior Spotlight: Sav Colagrossi

Enthusiast of the arts and entertainment areas, Sav Colagrossi stands out possessing a plethora of unique hobbies and talents. In the music field alone, they can play ukulele and the drums, yet is learning both piano and guitar. On the arts side of things, Sav likes painting, drawing, working with clay, and is always trying new and different arts. They take a special liking to special effects makeup (specifically horror) in plays/movies; in fact, that is something they may want to turn into a career. Sav has been a part of many DCHS theater productions as well, serving on tech crew in High School Musical and Anne of Green Gables, playing small roles in Anne of Green Gables and Mary Poppins, and most recently playing Kamryn in Diary of a Wallflower.

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