Senior Spotlight: Emma Douglas

This week’s senior spotlight features a little insight to the life of Emma Douglas. Emma’s hobbies consist of drawing, theatre, and coordinating her outfits. She has been a part of four different performances over her three years at Delphi and the fifth is in the works. Emma was in High School Musical, Anne of Green Gables, It’s a Wonderful Life, Mary Poppins, and Diary of a Wallflower, currently in progress.  Her favorite performance to be a part of was her role as Neleus in Mary Poppins. Emma’s favorite subject in school is art because the classroom is very welcoming and she can express her creativity. Her favorite things to draw in art are her original characters. She has two pets: a dog, Paco, and a cat, Bo. Emma’s favorite movies are Sweeney Todd and Labyrinth. Her favorite song is “I Bet On Losing Dogs” by Mitski. Her favorite thing to eat is her homemade chicken nuggets. Emma was asked if she had any interesting talents and she responded with, “I can make a weird dolphin noise.” So if you ever see Emma in the hallways, a great icebreaker would be to ask her about her dolphin noise. 

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