Inside look at high school golf

Golf is a sport known mostly for being the hobby of rich elderly men, but also a hobby for seven Delphi high school students: senior Sam Schimmel; juniors Elijah Ladd, Sam Bieghler, Dean Iunghuhn, Eli Brown, and Zack MacCall; and sophomore Cade Nelson.   The boys golf team played Saturday at Coyote Crossing in the Harrison Golf Invitational.  Placing 13th out of 18 teams, the golfers had a rough time golfing under the weather conditions.  Facing drenching rain and moderate winds, the golfers struggled to play their best.  The team gave two good tips for anyone considering joining the team. Number one, know your skill level, and number two, be mentally prepared.  The team averaged a 114 on the par 72 course, but had the conditions been better, the scores could have been much lower.

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