Fuzzy Friend Feature: Meet Steven

Zoe Callender is the proud owner of a cinnamon green cheek conure named Steven. Although no one knows the gender of the bird, she regards him as a male. Steven can be quite the mischievous bird, according to Zoe. “He loves chewing on stuff. He actually broke off a piece of one of my earrings one time.” From that point on, to protect her bird and her future belongings, she makes sure she is not wearing any earrings when she’s holding him. Steven also has quite the curiosity when it comes to Zoe and her food. The little green bird sits on her shoulder and tries to peck at her food. Although him grabbing food off her plate can be annoying, the cute bird has ways of playing and communicating with his person. They can play with a ball as he picks it up with his beak. He can also play shake; Zoe sticks out her finger and he grabs it. If you would like to know more about Steven, ask Zoe Callendar about her feathered friend.

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