Blind date with a book

This week I went on a blind date with a book, an event sponsored by the Oracle LMC in honor of Valentine’s Day. Forty books were completely wrapped and decorated, with the only distinguishing feature being a brief description placed on the front of the hidden book. After browsing through my blind date options, I ended up being matched with Flawed by Cecelia Ahern. Flawed follows the events of the nearly perfect main character Celestine North. Celestine is well liked by her classmates, she has  enough friends to not be considered an outcast but not enough friends to be considered popular, she is one of the smartest in her class and is dating a boy who considers her perfect. However, the society they live in is far from ideal. They live in a world where one small mistake will leave you branded as flawed for the rest of your life. Being flawed leaves you with a seared “F” on your body to mark you, you lose privileges and get stared at and shunned in public. No one wants to be around a flawed person. Being considered perfect, Celestine never dreamed of being deemed flawed, but after trying to help a flawed man on the bus who was having trouble breathing, she breaks the rules, and because of it, becomes branded herself. Now she has to live with it. I absolutely loved this book. If you like dystopian novels, I would highly recommend this book to you. I may or may not have even finished this book in one sitting, and I would do it again. Going on a blind date with a book is a risky game to play, but this one played out nicely for me in the end. 

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