Mr. Reich growing produce with hydroponics and aquaponics

Mr. Reich, the new biology teacher and 8th-grade science teacher, is taking part in the push for a more environmentally friendly agriculture process by using hydroponics and aquaponics to grow produce. As for his reasons, he just has an interest and finds it fascinating. Using his home hydroponics system, Mr. Reich can grow herbs, lettuce, peas, etc with just nutrient-infused water. With his aquaponics system, the ammonia in the fish’s urine takes care of the nutrients in the water. His first system was made five years ago and was quite ”the ugly contraption.” Now he has a commercial hydroponics system which is a lot easier to deal with than his homebrew aquaponics system. In the future, Mr. Reich hopes to have an aquaponics system in his classroom to spark interest in the student body and to use it for educational purposes. 

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