Delphi alumni becomes 2021 Indiana Hall of Fame honoree

On Tuesday, Dec. 8, the 2021 Indiana Women’s Silver Anniversary team was announced, and among the names was Rainey Jones, current girls’ basketball coach.  Rainey Jones was 1996 AP 3rd team all-state, and ICGSA 1st team all-state.  Her notable stats included a state-leading 30.7 ppg her senior year.  She also amassed an impressive 1,984 career points, 575 rebounds, 413 assists, and 401 steals with five triple-doubles, along with several other honors throughout her high school career. She went on to earn two all-national honors at Vincennes University.  Jones was one of 18 athletes who was honored this year.  In her time coaching at Delphi, she has led the team to one sectional title.

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