Ms. McGill’s fall break highlights

On fall break Ms. McGill went on a long awaited four day vacation to Disney World with her family and one of her best friends from high school, DCHS guided study teacher and library intern Ms. Johnson. Ms. Johnson and Ms. McGill had originally bought tickets to go to Disney World back in May as graduation presents to themselves, but sadly this didn’t happen. One of the many things Ms. McGill did on her Disney visit was go to the French Pavilion at Epcot. While there she bought six different types of pastries. After having a fine conversation about French pastries with Ms. McGill, she stated, “I spent like 30 bucks…oops.”All of that was said with a wide grin and not a hint of regret. So, what was Ms. McGill’s fall break like? Heaven on Earth with a side of pastries.

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