Recycling project to fund fish pond

This semester Mrs. Johnson and the custodians are teaming up on an impactful project. They hope to be able to spruce up the smaller fish pond in the library to make it healthy enough for fish to live in it. Along with the pond itself, they are planning to clean up the riverbed and rocks and replace all of the greenery which comes to an estimated cost of about $800. 

According to Mrs. Johnson, “The custodians are estimating that at the high school we are currently throwing away about 150+ cans a day. If we recycle them, we should be able to make about $30 a week.” This means that the collection will likely take the rest of the semester. 

Mrs. Johnson’s interest in this project sparked when she realized that the school’s funds are unable to assist this project. However, cans are a wasted resource and can be turned in to put money towards the project. The start time of renovations on the pond and surrounding area will be determined by when there has been enough money collected to start the project. In addition to the cans being collected, the tabs will be collected and donated to Riley Children’s Hospital as well. So remember: do your part. Whenever you have a can, don’t throw it way. Recycle it. Recycling containers will be available in Mrs. Johnson’s room, Ms. Jones’ room, and the LMC.

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