Artist of the month: Zoe Callendar

Zoe Callendar is a freshman at DCHS who has an incredible gift for drawing.  “I get my inspiration from nature, even though that sounds cheesy. This is my way to have fun,” said Zoe. Her favorite mediums are pencils and watercolors. Zoe doesn’t remember exactly when she started drawing, but said, “Like everyone, I started drawing when I was a toddler. I just never stopped.” After high school she doesn’t know if she is going to pursue art as her main career, but she will always consider herself an artist at heart. 


Fun facts about Zoe Callendar 

  • She enjoys drawing people and reading “funny books and the mystery ones too.”
  • Zoe believes “anyone can be good at drawing you just need to keep at it.” 
  • If she could only pick three colors to paint with they would be the colors red, blue, and yellow because they are primary colors.

    This picture of the Pokemon Mew was drawn by Zoe Callendar was drawn with a colored pencil medium.

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