Mrs. Circle gives doctoral dissertation

Mrs. Circle, who is currently working on her doctorate degree, recently presented her thesis in front of her dissertation committee. This presentation was the culmination of one and a half years’ work. She presented the first 3 chapters which consisted of 170 pages of research. The first chapter described her topic: student motivation. The next chapter included all of the research that has been completed on the subject and shows the gap in the research that she will fill with her thesis, and the third chapter, which is being checked now, discussed the methodology or perspective from which she will be testing her thesis. 

It will take about six weeks for her dissertation to be reviewed, at which point Mrs. Circle can then deliver her survey to students who have given personal and parental consent. She must give the survey to a minimum of 400 students in order for the test results to be valid. Once the results are in, she will begin to write chapters 4 and 5 about the results. 

According to Mrs. Circle, she is pursuing her doctorate degree because “if I am going to push our students to be lifelong learners, I need to be one myself.” Once she defends her final dissertation and passes, she will walk out of the room as a doctor, not even having to wait until graduation. Then, if all has gone well, she will graduate from Indiana State University in May with a Doctorate of Educational Administration.

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