Delphi dance team preparing for competition

Your Delphi dance team started working on their hip-hop routine on Sept. 15, 2018.  They were dancing their hearts out from 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m learning their dance. Their first competition is just around the corner in December, so they are drilling the dance day in and day out.  They haven’t yet started on their pom routine for competition, but it will be coming to the floor soon. This year, they are determined to win first place at the state competition. Last year, they received third in pom.  But, they are coming back even bigger and better with their fierce dancers including Alissa Davis, Madisyn Jacobs, Angel Prince, Jessica Powlen, Cynthia Rossi, Kori O’Daniel, Maddie Prickett, Sydney Ross, Elyse Perry, Mazilyn Wilson, Elaina Flores, and Ariana Roman.  Come support your Delphi dance team by seeing them perform at half-time at the football and basketball games!

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