Culinary Arts competes in Cupcake Wars

Recently, Mrs. Nethercutt’s third period culinary arts class participated in Cupcake Wars. The class started working on their cupcakes on Thursday, April 15, and the competition took about a week to plan and carry out. They started by planning out their design, recipe, and presentation. Then, beginning on Monday, they started making their cupcakes, decorations, and icing. On Thursday, April 22, the class was given the first half of the period to decorate their cupcakes and prepare their presentation. Then, teachers from around the school came to judge each groups’ cupcakes for creativity, neatness, taste, texture, and presentation. The winner of the competition was the group composed of Ella Hudson, Riley Paz, Meghan Pearson, and Reganne Watts. They made a white cupcake with blueberry filling and lemon frosting, topped with a blueberry and a lemon wedge. 

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