Valentine’s Day: YEA or NAY

February 5, 2020

With Valentine’s Day coming soon, and the chocolate treats and boxes of Valentine’s hitting the shelves, it makes you wonder: What do most people actually think of this holiday? So, with that in mind, I talked to a few students here, asking them:  Yea or nay to Valentine’s Day? Here is what some Delphi students had to say: 


Emily Mears 

“I don’t get the point? You have 364 other days to be nice and show affection to your partner, but you are expected to show it on this day. To be honest I think the idea of it is kinda stupid.”  











Evan Toby

“I like Valentine’s Day because it is a nice day to show your loved one how much they mean to you and how much you care about them.”














Ricky Martinez 

“Nay. What’s the point, you should already love who you love. Why is there a day to show love? It’s stupid.”














Lydia Hensley 

“It has become over-commercialized and it has been a hallmark holiday. I don’t understand—you should love your family and friends every day, not just one day . . . and I hate chocolate sometimes.”

Lydia's emotions to the idea of Valentine's day.
Lydia’s face when Valentine’s day comes around.

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