Oracle Overview – Volume 3.23

Oracle Overview is a weekly update from the entire Parnassus staff. It showcases what is happening in the school, from clubs to teachers, and academics to art.

Surface Tension
Senior Picture Taken at Abby and Libby Memorial Park

Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Tice

Cynthia Rossi, staff writer

What is your favorite clothing item?  Lace cardigans and dusters What was your first car? A 1978 Thunderbird What is your favorite meal? Pad kee mao, a Thai dish Do you have any pets? I have 3 dogs and a cat What is your favorite song? Silent Lucidity by Queensrÿche  Bonus Question: What would your rapper name be?  Momma T or Momma Tice ...

INTERACT and Student Council plan Earth Day events
Ag Powers restores tractors
How to cope with Indiana weather

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