Senior Spotlight: Conner Roberson

This week’s senior spotlight features Connor Roberson and his cross country career. Connor has been in cross country for three years. He decided to participate in cross country with a little influence from his older brother Nick and his best friend Collin Dulin. Connor enjoys a lot of things about cross country but said his favorite part is “the start line and the start. It’s the best part of the race. The crowd is always the greatest at the start, gets your adrenaline pumping.” Connor also enjoys the friendships that come with every team sport and getting to meet new people from all over the state. His favorite course to run is the flat and cool Benton Central course that the  team runs three times a year, but Connor’s fastest meet was 19:09 at Caston.  Connor has seen many physical benefits from running cross country such as stronger legs, increased core strength, and a lower resting heart rate. To prepare for a meet, Connor will carb load the night before and hydrate until two hours before the meet. He tries to stay in the right mindset by writing his goals for that meet down and listening to his favorite song “Nonstop” by Drake. Connor is a driven athlete and hopes to break 18 minutes by the end of the year. 

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