Snoracles 10/28

Ask Rowan Martin and Jayce Johnson how they are better than T-Swift.

Ask Vyncent Fredrick who Mr. Green’s husband is.

Ask Thomas Warenski if PT Barnum had an emotional affair. 

Ask Emma Titus and Elah Abbott about telling “funny” jokes.

Ask Eydie Bruestle about kickboard violence.

Ask Emily Mears who Oliver is.

Ask Ryan Collela about doing a headstand.

Ask Spanish I why they are scarred from Thursday’s video.  

Ask Cade Nelson about the teachers’ eyeballs.

Ask Landon Spencer about his kangaroo.  

Ask Jaxson Hixson about his haunted house experience.  

Ask Diego Nieves about the pretty name “Rose.”

Ask Speech Class about Mr.M’s Halloween costume.