7th grade Halloween writing contest winners


Allie Lawless

7th grade winners for the Halloween writing contest were Austin Sowders (1st place) and Abigail Spampinato (2nd place).

1st place

COAE Lab File #35

 (Containment Of Abnormal Entities)

by Austin Sowders

The following information you’re about to read is all true. It is also classified information and you need special clearance to view this file. 

File #35

Entity Name: Error 404

Liam Williams (Age: 13, Hair color: dirty blonde, height: 5’11.) was a student at Catonsville Community Highschool. He died October 31st. His friend Matt Greens (Age: 13, Hair color: brown, height: 5’9.5) was present during the incident. This document is what he told us at 11:18 pm EST October 31st. This is what he said…

It was a late night of homework, about 10:00 pm. Liam was on his computer doing his math homework. I was on my phone doing mine because I couldn’t take my computer to Liam’s. 

It was Algebra. He sighed “Of course it had to be algebra.” I said “I know it’s taking so long.” He was searching up how to find the answers to the questions, as we had football in the morning and didn’t want to get tired by staying up all night doing homework. 

That’s when it happened. He said “Uh… Matt, why is the error 404 page upside down?! I looked up from my phone and said “What?” I walked over and saw that he was right, it was upside down. I looked over at him and he was shaking uncontrollably and I couldn’t see his pupils, It was just pure white. I jumped back, scared. I yelled for somebody to come help. But realized his parents were gone until 10:00 pm.

The rest of this is pure speculation based on someone who survived an encounter with entity #35. 

He was transported to another plane of reality. He was most likely where he was before he was transported, only with no lights and the entity following him. The entity most likely followed him in darkness and attacked him slamming its arms into him. He most likely ran away, and hid. The creature probably found him and started pummeling him.

According to family members he started floating in the air, and what ever happened in that dimension, happened in this one, so his body started being pummeled by seemingly an invisible force, his arms, ribs, and legs started caving in. Blood poured everywhere, when suddenly, SPLAT! His head was smashed in and he dropped to the ground, dead. A COAE agent was nearby, and came in he saw the body and realized that it was entity #35. 

They wiped everyones memory and confiscated the computer. Entity #35 was killed by a COAE agent 6 years later as he murdered it with an axe he found in a shed in the other plane of reality. Matt Greens grew up to be COAE agent and is still working in the facility located in XXXXXXX, XXXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXXX.


(Containment Of Abnormal Entities)

Founders signature: John Arsith___________

Writer of document: Austin Sowders


2nd place

“The Story of the Missing Students”  by Abigail Spampinato


It was around seven in the morning and it was time for school. All of the Students where getting up to go the out the door. But then I felt like something was off our bus was not the the normal number and it was white. The bus driver looked very sick so I walked to school. So after I got to school there was nobody there but the teachers. So I went to my first class of the day and Mrs. T was strange and did not act like normal, her room was messy and things were out of place. I was thinking to myself try to find out what is happening but then the principal walked in and she looked like she lived in an alleyway for 30 years. She had a hunched over back and her fingernails were at least 2 feet long. And Mrs. T asked me in a scrawny voice can you open the closet door and when I opened the door  there were bats flying everywhere. And I ran as fast as I could out of the school. And the principal stopped me at the door and said where do you think you’re going. And I said I am going home the principal dragged me into this dark room and said you are not aloud to do anything just like the rest. And I remembered that I was the only one that came to school. I saw a crack in the floor and it was a secret door that had steps and I went down them. And when I got down the steps I saw all of my classmates And they had tape over their mouth and on their hands. But my teachers were all passed out and they were all in a different place than them. I took Mr. G phone and called the cops and they came and helped us get out and then if nothing was wrong we got to go home and get ready for halloween . 

After a few hours after the students were found and the teachers were let out of the hospital there was a dark hole that appeared in the middle of the town and witches and goblins and other mysterious things were let out of this dark hole. So everyone in the town took shelter of these weird things in the town. So after they all got shelter in the middle school cafeteria we all heard a loud scream. We had to cover our ears. It was so loud and then it found us in the cafeteria and we ran outside and it was cold and we all went to the dark hole and jumped in the dark hole and my best friend’s mom is a witch. Soon after we jumped in the dark hole we saw a sign  that said Halloween Town and we asked each other, ‘’What is Halloween town? ‘’ We turned around and saw all of these Halloween creatures. And in front of us is a huge tower that says 8,000 years old on Halloween countdown and there was a huge 1 on the countdown and then the clone of Mrs. T came through the dark hole and said in a scrawny voice ¨GET BACK TO CLASS.¨ And then the real Mrs. T said ¨ GET IN THE TOWER NOW¨ and then we ran as fast as we could and Made it to the tower just in time. But then the evil Mrs. T Started to Bang on the door And screamed. Then we went upstairs  but then the door busted open. And then we all ran into a book and there was a eye on this book and it said on the book¨ USE ONLY IF NEEDED.¨ So after we seen it we handed it to our teacher and we opened it and out came my best friends mom chrome out of the book and we all went back home and we are all safe for now.