graphic by Grace O'Neil

graphic by Grace O’Neil

Ask Mrs. T about her teacher walk. 

Ask Miss Johnson about Taylor Swift and maiming 3-D objects. 

Ask Bailey Rucker about his truck problems before first period. 

Ask Senora about her views on lying and about putting chairs in your bottom.

Ask Riley Paz to smile.

Ask the FFA Parliamentary Procedure team about possums. 

Ask Simon Voorhies about his heelys.

Ask Cooper Cross about farting in the pool.

Ask Killian Allen about dropping Emily Mears.

Ask Emily Weaver about her famous singer uncle.

Ask Elijah Ladd about being the world’s best backwards driver. 

Ask Sophie Johnson why Mia Wilson is her sweetie.

Ask Caleb Arthur how many games of Among Us he plays in a day. 

Ask Aujhanay Udhus how she likes to make her cotton candy.