graphic by Grace O'Neil

graphic by Grace O’Neil

Ask Makaila Summers about Miraculous Ladybug on TikTok.

Ask French 3 about “une exposé.” 

Ask Mr. Gilbert about his favorite class period. 

Ask Hannah Ratcliffe about screaming outside.   

Ask Riley Gardiner about her calculator.

Ask Dawson Jordan about Marco.

Ask Erin Scott about brushing her teeth.

Ask Elyse Perry about her joke document.

Ask Noah Red Elk about WW.

Ask Mrs. Johnson about her sweet tooth.

Ask Blake Sinks about “twirly dirlies.”

Ask Mr. M about Bigfoot.

Ask Abby Burns about boba.

Ask Abby Schoen about Chinese fingers after ISTEP.

Ask Nate Rossi about his carrot milk.

Ask Connor Reilly, Emma Douglass, or anyone in creative writing about Garfield fan-fic.

Ask Mr. Gaspar about his socks. 

Ask RJ Martin what a bottle is. 

Ask Riley Gardiner, Kendra Strahm, and Kenzie Sandusky about “FORG.”

Ask Señora Hollingsworth about cable knit sweaters.

Ask Mike Dyer about his vocal autobiography.

Ask Sydney Ross what she does in OT.

Ask Gabby Bruestle about bowling, her minecraft fan-fiction, and her art incident . 

Ask Megan Kelly about Mitchells’ workers.

Ask Maguire Thompson and Sam Bieghler about Charles.

Ask Wren Isom about Mr. Gaspar’s witchcraft.

Ask Landen Rubright about spelling.

Ask Aniana Cepeda about returning books.