Kate’s Korner: Get your life back


Kates Korner

Welcome to another edition of Kate’s Korner. Today our hot topics are how to stay positive, how to not procrastinate, and how to get over your ex.


How can you stay positive when life is going down the crapper?

Life can be cruel and vicious. A positive attitude is not going to fix all your problems but it will give you motivation to punch life in the face. Positivity is an effective tool but it can be a hard skill to obtain. Let me paint a picture for you: let’s say Maria wakes up with resentment towards the day. She is stuck in the endless cycle: sleep, school, homework, repeat. This mundane process can be stopped by the simplest of things. Making yourself breakfast, watching your favorite show, or taking a nap can break the cycle. Every day you should have something to look forward to. These little things can make your day so much brighter.

How to not procrastinate?

Procrastination is a hard hurdle to jump. It is easier to finish the race with someone cheering you on. In order to tackle a monstrous project, set small deadlines. Don’t keep your deadlines to yourself. You have a higher chance of succeeding if you have some to hold you accountable. These might  sound like simple steps in theory but reality can be a cruel mistress. It will tempt you with video games, Instagram notifications, and napping opportunities.


My boyfriend and I broke up. He is starting to talk to other girls and I’m getting jealous. How can I stop?


The green-eyed monster lurks in all of us, but we can lock it back in its cage. Sitcoms have showcased this example many times. One of my favorite example is from Friends. The scene starts with Rachel asking Phoebe for advice on how to get over her ex-boyfriend. Phoebe’s excellent advice is to remove him from your life. Give him back his sweatshirt, delete the picture on Instagram, and unfollow him on all social media. The last step is the most crucial because you can look at his photos whenever you please. Instagram does not show the true representation of someone’s life. He could have posted a picture of him and this new female person. Instead of staying up at night wondering who that person was, just to find out it was his cousin, unfollow him! You will thank me later, I am saving your future sanity.


To all my Friends fans, the scene alluded to above continues with the girls sending the photos up in flames. In a hilarious fashion, the girls accidentally start a fire. The firemen that arrived are extremely attractive. The point of this tangent is to prove that things happen for a reason. Keep waiting for your fireman, ladies.