A look into the world of a Middle School wrestler

Cayden Gasser, Messenger sports writer

The Delphi Middle School has a wrestling team who is coached by Mr. Atwood and Mr. Reef. The team has 12 wrestlers.

Coach Reef said the reason for his decision to coach wrestling was because, “I played wrestling in high school and I love working with the younger generation.” He also talked about some cool moves such as Double Leg, High-C, Single Leg, and Sprawl.

Wrestlers earn points in a match by getting out of certain situations–such as cradle and head lock– and in many different situations. The points system is two points for a take down and one point for an escape. To finish the match early a wrestler needs to pin his opponent or hold his shoulders to the mat for the officials count.

Something else about wrestling is that there are 14 weight classes in total. The reason there are weight classes is because the coaches or parents don’t want kids to have a giant size difference and the match would be unfair.

Team Quote:

“What have you done today to become a State Champion?”