DCHS hosts Career Day


DCHS graduate Tyler Mose, CEO of Indirap Productions, a video production company, was one of 35 professionals presenting at Delphi Community High School's Career Day.

Elizabeth Walker, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, Delphi Community High School hosted a Career Day. It was held in the high school itself, and many speakers came to talk to the kids about prospective future jobs. The last Career Day was eight years ago, but the event was brought back by a school improvement plan with the goal of helping students reach their full potential. Career Day has been in the works for over a year, and Mr. German was the head overseer to make sure this plan came to fruition.

There were 35 speakers present at the high school Wednesday morning; all were prepped and ready to give a run-down of what exactly they do on a day-to-day basis. Twenty-three of those aforementioned 35 were Delphi alumni, who were overjoyed to return to their old roots and help out the generations of tomorrow. There were a plethora of different career speakers: meteorologists, teachers, nurses/surgeons, musicians, handymen, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, and many more. The speakers were all hand picked by the staff of DCHS, and each staff member was required to bring in a speaker as an extension of their curriculum.

The students were given a survey of all of the speakers’ prospective job lecture topics, and were required to pick four that sounded interesting. The students were then placed in four different speakers’ rooms, and they had the privilege of learning about things that they may see as a viable option for employment in the future. Co-senior class president Jordyn Gasser claimed, “As a student who is struggling to figure out my plans after high school, I feel that Career Day opened up my eyes to the possibilities of my future success.” Angel Prince, the other student body president, declared, “I found out that a lot of students have benefited from this experience because it allowed them to have insight into the real world.”

“This is something we’re going to do every three years, but we are going to reconvene and discuss if it’s a viable thing to do every two years. We’ll discuss the pros and cons and revise our plan to see where it goes from there. I think a lot of positives came from it,” said German.

Many kids are unsure of what the future holds, so the staff of DCHS think it’s a great idea to give them a little glimpse into the real world. Mrs. Circle, Delphi Community High School principal, said, “Often times students do not understand that what they are learning in high school will actually be a skill they need for their future employment. We were trying to bridge that gap between high school courses and future employment.”

Career Day is an important addition to the school. Mrs. Circle said, “Our staff believes that our role as educators is to not only teach our curriculum, but also to prepare our students to be productive citizens. Our staff felt passionate about hosting a Career Day.. We have found that our students do not know or understand the vast amount of opportunities that exist for them after they graduate. Our Career Day was a way to bring a glimpse of what a degree or some extra technical training can do for them and possibly start them on a path for their future.”

It is very important for students to understand what is needed to obtain jobs in certain career fields, and it’s good to expose them to these things early. Mr. Tonsoni, a social studies teacher at DCHS, claimed, “It’s imperative for the school to continually look for opportunities like this to bring additional learning and experience to our students.”

Career Day was well-received this year, and hopefully, plans permitting, it will return again in a few years. That is not the only thing in the works at the high school, though. Mrs. Circle has much more planned as well: “We are planning on doing a trade show this year and several field trips in the manufacturing field as well,” she said.
Overall, our students are lucky to have such a wonderful support system on their side, as they learn and grow to become the workforce of tomorrow.