Kate’s Korner


Katlyn Sherinian

Hi, I am Kate. I am a high schooler with only fifteen years of experience. While I don’t have a doctorate in advice giving, I do have a passion for helping people. 

I hope that my words of “wisdom” can help you at wherever you are in your life.

Why is life difficult? – Kid in Crisis


Life is difficult because crap happens. It’s not like in the movies—things don’t just magically go your way. However, a positive attitude can make a huge difference. This is your life. Do you want to spend it acting like a martyr and blaming everything on others? A positive outlook can change how the situation impacts you. If you get an F on a test, instead of sinking into a hole of despair learn from your mistake. Once you hit rock bottom the only way to go is up. Life is going to continue to punch you in the face if you allow yourself to be at the mercy of fate. Wake up with purpose and a positive attitude.


Why is life so hard being a teenager? -Teenager in Turmoil


The teen years exist in a weird gray area where we are becoming an adult with responsibilities but no freedom. We are trying to figure out who we are in this world. We are treated like a child and given the responsibilities of an adult. Honestly it comes down to your family’s expectations. If your family has too high expectations for you, then you are under so much stress that you can’t enjoy your youth. Then at the other extreme if your family doesn’t have any expectations, you are not being pushed to succeed, and as a result you are wasting your potential by acting out for your parents’ attention.

Social media has not made being a teenager easier. The world’s knowledge is at our fingertips; it is a double-edged sword. It exposes us to ideas across the world. We are able to receive and give instant feedback. That ability is often misused resulting in cyberbullying. “Haters going to hate,” Taylor Swift intelligently said. Online you can write more hurtful things than you would say in person. In reality people are affected by your actions and speech. Being a teenager is hard but luckily it is only a few more years until adulthood.

Why doesn’t anyone like me? – Lonely Learner


Others will never give you the validation that you need. I am 100% positive that someone likes you, but maybe you are looking to the wrong people for acceptance. The best way to get around the loneliness and drama is to communicate. Be straightforward but refrain from being rude. Talk to new people. There are over seven billion people on this Earth. One failed interaction doesn’t mean you are an outcast of society. We are teenagers for a reason. Use this awkward time to learn and improve your communication skills. If all else fails, talk to a trusted adult. Stereotypical, I know, but life is kind of tough without connections to other people. Homo sapiens are a social species. You can categorize yourself as a lone wolf who doesn’t need anyone, but even the most introverted people need to have positive interactions with others.


The real question is do you like yourself? You have to learn to like yourself before others can truly appreciate you. Act the way you would want your ideal self to act. You are not trapped in a box by labels. Take control of your life and be your best self.


That’s all for this week on Kate’s Korner. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me or comment below.