Ask Chloe Caracheo about her snack in English class

Ask Keri Toole about her car infestation.

Ask Noah Red Elk about Bo Burnham.

Ask Mr. Gaspar about bloody hands.

Ask Drew Hollingsworth about his French accent.

Ask Noah Abbott why he is quiet in Spanish.

Ask Garrett Wolfe to tell you a story.

Ask Mrs. Hollingsworth about “The Sub.”

Ask Mr. Painter about the Purdue game.

Ask Jordan Ladd about Meryl Streep.

Ask Mr. M about “pp” in kahoot.

Ask Skyler Lyons who is the “thiccest” boy.

Ask Mrs. Nethercutt about the pictures of her family on her desk.

Ask Mrs. Pickering about being ¨ghetto¨?

Ask Kayleen Stanley about her dog Scout.

Ask Mr. Gilbert about his lavender shirt.

Ask Riley Gardiner about “U”

Ask Issac Salinas about his homework assignment for Mr. T