Ask Luke Yoder about Judge Yowana.

Ask Jenna Bieghler about dissecting pig privates.

Ask Colton Britton what was so funny on the news.

Ask Madeline Hollingsworth about painting Ariel’s nails & fry fry chicky chick.

Ask Mr. Zachery about legalizing pottery.

Ask Noah Abbott about his ten knives.

Ask Emilee Gear about ice cream and the Kardashians and Laughanese.

Ask Lacie Tomson about Asian Kevin and spitting on Mrs. Cotten.

Ask Bella McGill why she hates Arial.

Ask Yovani Moreno about his Jerry moment at Ball State.

Ask Miranda Edwards about her scary dream.

Ask Abbie Napier about her recent incident with Terry.

Ask Kaleb Kinsler why he should be the next Bachelor.

Ask Kristina Powlen and Emilee Gear about the stolen bench.

Ask Brody Little about his “dealer.”

Ask Clay Corbin about the penguin sweater.

Ask Colin Edging about his romantic moment.

Ask Quincy Adams about Sir Tiger.

Ask Carol Johnson about taking pictures of Quiz Bowl.

Ask Mr. M. about his ninja cat.

Ask the senior class about two cinnamon rolls.

Ask Kristina Powlen about the cat videos.

Ask Bailey Gasser about Communism.

Ask Ms. Lawton about being Steve Harvey.