Ask Winnie Alexander about the apple juice.

Ask Carol Johnson about Google Maps.

Ask Bella McGill and Carol Johnson about Operation Cake.

Ask Andrew Schoen about anti-jokes.

Ask Ms. Lawton about pole dancing in the library.

Ask Brody Little about his exercise routine.

Ask Mrs. Tyner about her sign.

Ask Yovani Moreno about dance cardio.

Ask Nick Houser about kicking himself in the face.

Ask Shawnrenee Hunt about turn signal fluid.

Ask Hannah Irelan about the Hannibal season finale.

Ask Chad Canen about being a savage.

Ask Paul Marvell about the smell of failed potential.

Ask Rylee Lane about dumb metaphors.

Ask Luis Nieves about pasto.

Ask Taylor Kantz about licking diaries.

Ask Erika Ross about jalapeno seats.

Ask the Pearson twins about the wave runner.

Ask Kaleb Kinsler about his Subway being stolen.

Ask Kate Layman about senior privileges.

Ask the Delphi girls’ soccer team about team selfies.