The twisted humor of our generation


Katlyn Sherinian

What is dark humor? By definition dark humor is a comic style that makes light of topics that are difficult or painful to discuss. Dark humor memes, also known as ¨dank¨memes” are a favorite of mine because it takes a heavy topic like an unstable mental health and takes away the stigma.

A majority of high school students have a dark and somewhat morbid sense of humor. Often times the older generations hear jokes by the youngsters and are bewildered at their audacity. Truth be told there are a multitude of reason why people enjoy dark humor. Personally, I enjoy dark humor because it often puts depressing topics in a new perspective.


We have become desensitized to many sensitive topics of the past. We have access to events that happen all over the world. Ever since we were young we have been exposed to horrible things. Every day at least hundreds of people are dying for various reasons. That information can be an elephant sitting on your chest. The reality is that you can´t do much to save them. Humor is often used as a coping mechanism to deal with pain. When people feel uncomfortable with information such as people dying across the world from starvation, they often use humor to cope with the depressing facts. What better way to deal with the swirling pile of feces that is your life than distracting yourself with the hilarious truth that is our world.