Fall trees flourish with color

Fall trees flourish with color

Elijah Hudson, Staff Writer

Now that it is well into October, it is about the time when the trees begin to change colors. The wide canvas of brilliant colors filling the landscape makes autumn a great time of the year. While there are many unique trees that produce different colors and shapes, these trees are some of the most stunning trees during the harvest. Here’s my compendium of the most beautiful fall trees. 


River Birches

River birches are typically found near water, as the name eludes, but they can be spotted just about everywhere. Their green arrowhead shaped leaves turn a delightful yellow in autumn, making the trees stand out. The river birch produces flowers over the winter and springtime, so it is marvelous to note nearly year round. 


Sugar Maple

Nothing says fall like a sugar maple. Their enormous canopy is an attention getter and their coloration can be anything from red to yellow. It is a real treat if you can find a sugar maple that is a burnt orange because they are stunning. A fun fact is that sugar maples are commonly used to make maple syrup. 



Anytime is a good time to see a sassafras tree with their unique leaf patterns. In the summer their glove-shaped leaves are green, but that narrative changes with the weather. Most sassafras trees turn into a sublime red and yellow gradient. Plus, if you like root beer, the leaves are exponentially tastier than other species of trees. Root beer was originally made using sassafras bark, and the same flavor can be found in its leaves. 



Sycamores are easily distinguishable due to their immense height and peculiar trunk. As the year progresses, their green leaves develop into an orange, yellow, or brown color. Therefore, sycamores provide a wide array of foliage that make nearly every tree a different hue. Typically, their color is more mellow than a yellow birch’s leaves. 


Red Maple

Unlike most trees in the summer, the red maple is not green, but rather a shade of red. While red maples typically have little color change this time of year, they are still fascinating to behold. While some are strikingly red, others are a mature maroon and purple color. The latter color adds to the fall landscape a unique, seldom found color that helps the red maples stick out. 


These trees are some of the many elements off fall that make the season so special.  Be sure to behold these sights before the trees lose their leaves and the forbidding winter weather arrives.