• November 13Make sure to keep warm this winter season!
  • November 13Thanksgiving Break is Nov. 27 - 29! Have a great break!
  • January 4It's always a great day to be an Oracle!


August 30, 2017

Ask Adam Rider about the time he hacky sacked a bag of carrots. Ask French IV about their favorite new sub. Ask Mr. Tonsoni about his tea shopping at Wallmann’s. Ask Mr. M about his whiteboard. Ask Emily Hudson about her jacket closet. Ask Riley Saul about his cicada. Ask Cassie Pettiner about ...


April 13, 2017

Ask Emma Wise about her gerbil farm. Ask Graeme Supple about being a cannibal for population control. Ask Sarah Rohrer, Tanner Pearson, Cole Pearson, and Emily Hudson about “after hours.” Ask Mr. Gilbert how to date in the ‘50s. Ask Ms. Doyle who asked her to prom. Ask M...

February Snoracles

February 3, 2017

Ask Autumn Parker why she was once disgusted with Joe Jonas. Ask Hannah McClesky about the tricky questions her doctor asks. Ask Mr. Gilbert which gas pump he is on. Ask Senora Hollingsworth about her pop withdrawals. Ask Creed Bradshaw about his big head. Ask Blaine Snoeberger about his “strasserot...

January Snoracles

January 19, 2017

Ask Jacob Clouser about his high school wrestling career. Ask Dylan Hart about his pterodactyl screech. Ask Cole Rickels about freshman basketball.   Ask Daniel Jakes to tell you an arm joke. Ask Kylah Flores about the exploding egg in physics. Ask Jadon Kinzie what his favori...

December Snoracles

December 7, 2016

Ask Erika Ross how many states there are. Don’t ask Ariel Wolfe how to spell bugs. Ask Madeline Hollingsworth about her friend Jeffrey . . . or Bradley. Ask Colton Britton about his wife. Ask Senora who stole the safety pins. Ask Mr. T about his Honey Do list and why his face got so red 7...


October 14, 2016

Ask Molly Pettiner how to get out of the pool. Ask Abigail Kender about the rules of the library. Ask Bella McGill and Carol Johnson about their book. Ask Abigail Kender and Carol Johnson about Galapagos tortoises.   Ask Jacob Clouser about “laffy bruh.” Ask Daniel Jakes about his pet snake. ...

September Snoracles

September 23, 2016

Ask Tanner Pearson about being a salamander. Ask Sophia Gunther what she keeps in her pencil pouch. Ask Amanda McCarty about the wasp. Ask Cade Murray how he gets to school. Ask Bella McGill about choking on air. Ask Cole Rickels about tie dye Friday. Ask Emily Jakes about her neck....


August 24, 2016

Ask Cole Rickels about his oranges and his Hawaiian shirts. Ask Kate-Lynn Bennett about the highlight of the game. Ask JR Dyer where the ball hit, and ask him to add 12 + 9. Ask Mr. M. about his summer job...and about his foot. Ask 5th period Econ who won. Ask Mr. T. about not proofreading...


March 17, 2016

Ask Mrs. Tonsoni about the vocab word of the day. Ask the girls' softball team about the dog on the field. Ask Julia Spangler about being tackled. Ask Lauryn Nipple what happens if you hit a bald eagle. Ask Mrs. Krieling about semicolons. Ask the BOB team about the hot potato championship....


March 8, 2016

Ask Emilee Gear how to spell Scott and the illegal immigrants. Ask Bailey Gasser which hand has a pulse. Ask Wyatt Anderson about getting sucked in. Ask Emily Humbarger about how she hurt her arm. Ask Ariel Wolfe about Peyton and Bianca. Ask Miranda Edwards about ponies becoming horse...